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Single Family Home                                     $400
Single Family Home-FHA                            $475
Single Family 2055 Drive-By                       $350
Multi-Family (Duplex,Triplex,Fourplex)     $550
Rent Comp Addendum                                  $100
Operating Income Statement                       $50
Field Review                                                  $350
Desk Review                                                   $200
REO Addendum                                             $100
Appraisal Update                                           $200
Final Inspection                                             $150
FHA Compliance Inspection                          $150
Construction/Draw Inspection                       $125
Desktop Valuation                                                  $150

Note: UAD Compliant Reports are typically an additional $50.


The fees listed above are guidelines only and are based upon a standard report or assignment. Actual fees are based upon the complexity and estimated completion time of the assignment. Call or email for a specific quote.